CFG-Copeinca and Cirion: A business relationship based on trust, effectiveness, efficiency, and support
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CFG-Copeinca and Cirion: A business relationship based on trust, effectiveness, efficiency, and support

  • Strategic partnership between both companies started in 2016 with the migration of CFG-Copeinca’s first data center.
  • Currently, Cirion provides SD-WAN, data center, and cloud services to the fishing giant.

 Long-lasting business relationships are based on trust, support, continuous presence during important times, and understanding the strategic needs of the business. These were instrumental factors in the business relationship between Cirion and CFG-Copeinca, which started in mid-2016 when the latter migrated its first data center to Cirion’s[1] facilities. 

“Our internal data center was in La Victoria, but an incident almost caused a fire.  Fortunately, there were no personal injuries, but it could have jeopardized operations at headquarters.  As a result, we decided to migrate our critical services to Cirion’s data center, which offered a better technology, with modern equipment and safe, reliable, world-class facilities”, recalls Julio Aquino, Information Technology Manager at CFG-Copeinca.  

In 2017, the fishing company consolidated its trust in Cirion’s services and its highly skilled team, always ready to meet their demands.   That same year, CFG-Copeinca was to dismantle a data center located in Hong Kong and transfer it to Lima in only seven days.  

“We turned to several providers, who told us that it wasn’t enough time and that there would be logistical issues.  Furthermore, they did not have personnel to accompany us to Hong Kong, and one of the challenges was to travel with a technician specialized in infrastructure and migration issues.  Cirion accepted the challenge and we traveled with one of their engineers.  In six days, we had completed the operation and on the seventh, we started operating in Peru. That was the start of our successful relationship.  Later, we evolved to other platforms and currently, we also count on cloud services.  We are growing together,” says the executive.  

Another feature considered of vital importance by the executive is Cirion’s readiness which, together with its last-generation technology, helps this strategic partnership grow stronger over time.  This is why CFG-Copeinca – through its Information Technology Management – trusted the implementation of other solutions to Cirion’s specialists.  

The deployment of a new MPLS network, for instance, was the first approach to the organization’s needs for better communications between offices, meeting the requirement of better connectivity along the entire Peruvian coast where the company has plants, and offering uninterrupted connections and high-level security.  Then, to maintain availability levels, the installation of contingency services was agreed upon.  

“At that time, contingency connections didn’t offer great speed, but they avoided disconnections when other operators’ signals went down, since some areas didn’t count on Cirion’s connections.   Over time, we migrated to a new technology: SD-WAN. This transition, proposed by Cirion, ensures us that everything works timely, securely, with extreme visibility and control of business applications. It also gives us peace of mind to be able to automatically count on high-availability connectivity, leveraging the entire bandwidth available”, explains the spokesman.  

Finally, he underscores the flexibility of Cirion’s professionals and their commitment to customers, which allows companies to maintain their regular and optimal operations.  In addition, he highlights the confidence passed on by specialists when solving their issues and listening to their suggestions, as well as the last-generation technology offered. 

“The fishing industry is very dynamic, and we need our partners to be nimble, adaptable, and able to provide us with viable and immediate solutions.  Lastly, their constant support and consulting before, during and after the deployment of their solutions, are factors we truly value,” concludes Julio Aquino.  

[1] Lumen Latam is now Cirion, a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider.



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