The 5GB links in each campus allowed Universidad Anáhuac México to continue operating constantly and consistently throughout the pandemic .

Universidad Anáhuac was able to implement the remote education modality during the COVID-19 pandemic, connecting more than 15,000 students, faculty, and staff in several areas of its two campuses in Mexico City.

Currently, the institution counts on a 5 gigabytes per second broadband link, supported by Cirion Technologies’ fiber optic infrastructure. Internet access and availability of IT resources, such as bandwidth for remote equipment and devices, became a requirement for online classes. In 2020, the pandemic highlighted the need for technology capable of operating a remote education system.

“Faced with the challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the dynamics of university work have changed, requiring a very robust connectivity base to keep all services in optimal condition. The pandemic required us to have the best IT infrastructure to operate, and we found in Cirion Technologies’ team a great partner to enable the correct functioning of our areas and continue providing quality education remotely.   With a bit more than 86,000 km of fiber routes and presence in Mexico City, Cirion was the obvious choice to achieve the connectivity objectives demanded by the university”, commented Eugenio Valle Landa, Director of Technological Operation in Universidad Anáhuac México.

Cirion Technologies has contributed to the interconnection of all areas, ensuring secure bandwidth with a flexible network architecture that smartly adjusts to the system’s needs in real time and in an automated manner. Following the hybrid education system trend, it can guarantee connection availability on the same network for both face-to-face and remote users. 

“At Cirion, we are proud to become strategic partners by putting our connectivity and cutting-edge technology solutions within reach of leading organizations such as Universidad Anáhuac México”, stated Jaime Durán, Director of Connectivity, Media and IP for the Northern Cluster at Cirion Technologies.   “Currently, connectivity and network services have become an indispensable tool for education and this is why we are certain that this joint effort will be a milestone for the institution”. 

The 5GB in each campus allowed Universidad Anáhuac México to continue operating constantly and consistently during the pandemic – constantly because it didn’t experience any outage and consistently because communications maintainted stability with a very high performance.  

Cirion Technologies’ solutions boost the agility of processes and the operation of educational institutions, through dynamically scalable connections which enable the implementation of last-generation technologies.   Through these services, the company contributes to strengthening the education sector amid digitalization challenges.

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