In our previous paper we talked about the difference between Conversation Intelligence and Conversational AI, a very subtle one with different real-life features and applications, though.

And I said that a good salesperson’s features (charisma, honesty, trust, and temperance) are timeless and that customers’ changing expectations, the new ways of connecting and the innovative products presented on a weekly basis, led AMs (Account Managers or Business Representatives) to make use of all available tools to improve their skills and create better purchase experiences.

We also defined conversation intelligence as an AI and machine learning driven technology to analyze sales conversations and find high-impact information such as trending topics, customer sentiment engagement, and more.

We started by explaining how conversational intelligence is normally used in fields like sales, marketing, and customer service to help people and organizations improve their understanding of users and contact them more effectively, and we mentioned a comprehensive Zoom solution —Zoom Revenue Accelerator.

Today we will explore these features in depth, and mention some benefits, as well as their advantages and contract methods.

The changing world of sales

Conversational intelligence consists of analyzing and understanding human conversation nuances. This implies interpreting the subtleties of spoken language such as tone, pace and inflexion, as well as nonverbal signals, as body language and facial expressions.

Benefits offered by conversational intelligence are a game-changer, including:

  • AI-driven coaching, to identify areas of improvement for an AM and weak spots in the overall sales process.
  • Improved sales execution, to develop sales strategy tutorials, which automatically identify winning business messages, most common objections and the most effective responses.
  • Productivity improvement to expedite the working day from your device by removing time-consuming, insignificant tasks such as note-taking or CRM updates.
  • Extended forecast to feed other predictability tools with information captured form conversations including engagement levels, sentiment and actionables resulting from a meeting.
  • Data-driven inductive information to face marketing and sales teams, with real data captured in conversations, thus improving employees’ training and onboarding.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator (maybe you heard about it as Zoom IQ for Sales) is a conversational intelligence solution designed for the Zoom platform available to help the business and marketing areas. By analyzing your sales conversations data, this AI solution provides critical information that business leaders can use to develop their teams, improve customers’ experience and make future-focused decisions.

Millions of business conversations take place via Zoom on a daily basis, through their Zoom Meeting and Zoom Phone apps. and now we would like to add another app. to help them reach their greatest potential.  Just as an example, below you will find a list of some functions you can access to by activating a Zoom Revenue Accelerator license:

  • Voice analytics: For data-driven feedback on pace and delivery during sales calls, as well as customer engagement metrics.
  • Auto-generated summaries: Streamline call review with AI-generated summaries that gather significant points into a few sentences.
  • Actionables: Capture the next steps discussed in the conversation to keep the deal moving and customers engaged.

Finally, you should also know that Zoom Revenue Accelerator is exclusively available to current Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise customers with licenses for Zoom Meetings and/or Zoom Phone. A specific license is required; furthermore Zoom users with email accounts on shared domains (such as,, or are not able to use it. Zoom Revenue Accelerator is not a standalone product. In addition, Zoom is not planning to offer it independently, at least clearly for now. It has a dashboard that shows your performance over time and metrics for all your meetings, you can quickly gain insights into the meeting with the help of Summary and Smart Chapters, and integration with CRM is admitted.

Until our next meeting.

Fernando Riedel
Voice & Collaboration Product Specialist
Cirion Technologies

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