Happy Holidays!
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Happy Holidays!

A motivating team

There are only a few days left to end 2022, an emotion-filled year that put us to test and challenged us to the maximum of our capabilities.

Amid the soccer celebration we enjoyed around here, I can’t help but think of this year as a very successful championship for Cirion, where we played as a team like never before and dedicated all our energy to more than one important match. What an excellent way to celebrate our first year, together with a new Latin American champion. Congratulations Argentina!

Thanks to Cirion’s team’s tremendous commitment and collaborative spirit, this year we have celebrated great accomplishments, such as the transaction with Stonepeak and the birth of Cirion.  Throughout this ambitious process, we ensured not only an organized separation and our network’s operational continuity, but also registered significant revenue growth, added more than 1000 new deals, and obtained an average NPS of 41.5 points – an excellent testimonial to how much we value our customers’ experience.

A great part of our success was achieved thanks to the trust of our regional customers and partners. It is what brought us here, shows us that we are on the right path, and encourages us to continue growing.

Looking onwards, I have no doubt that great opportunities and new challenges lie ahead of us next year, and we’ll be able to rise to them thanks to our team’s professionalism and to the solid ties we have forged with our customers.  These are our main sources of motivation.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season with family and loved ones. Let’s go for an amazing 2023!

Facundo Castro
Cirion Technologies


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