As organizations’ digital transformation advances, so do the risks of suffering cyberattacks that endanger the security and preservation of your operations and data.

The increase in usage of IT solutions to manage public entities, companies, and educational institutions leads to a need for increasing these platforms’ protection to control organizations’ assets to prevent them from being victims of attacks, frauds or misuse by cybercriminals, disloyal employees and/or malicious third parties.

These attacks can represent a severe setback for any business, especially financially and in terms of credibility, as a data breach can cause the company to lose the trust of its customers. 

1- What is the purpose of cybersecurity in companies?

Cybersecurity enables them to have a protection and defense strategy against cybercriminals that are trying to extort or discredit them.

2- What are the elements of cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity must include three interconnected elements: people, processes, and technology – all under the management of information security.

3- What are the main types of cyberattacks?

Mainly those that seek the denial of services, followed by those that deceive users, such as phishing, and finally, the ones that affect the integrity of information, such as ransomware.

4- Why is cybersecurity so important today?

Because it protects business productivity, inspires trust in customers and investors, avoids negative impact on reputation, and loss of money due to cyberattacks.

5- What cybersecurity measures should companies implement?

It all depends on the environment in which the company operates. Mainly, measures should focus on protecting 4 important pillars: data, user devices, networks, and application clouds or infrastructure.

While digital transformation represents an enormous progress for organizations, exposure to cyberattacks has increased proportionally. If cybersecurity still isn’t a part of your organization’s leadership meeting, it should be.

The number of organizations that had to face consequences by not identifying threats in time is steadily increasing. Don’t allow your company to be another victim of cybercriminals.

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