Happy CX Day:

The importance of Customer Experience in building a sustainable business model

It’s probably common sense that a satisfied customer should be one of the main aspirations of any organization. Throughout my career, I have seen how companies use Customer Experience (CX) as a strategy to drive their business. However, I have also witnessed how it can contribute to the overall welfare of society and its environment.

Today, Tuesday, October 3, we celebrate International Customer Experience Day (CX Day 2023) and I would like to share 5 insights that invite us to broaden our understanding of CX, its impact on business and communities.

  1. CX is a lot more than a mere interaction

At the core of CX we find something more profound than a simple business transaction.  It is all about building meaningful and authentic relationships with our customers. By understanding their needs, wishes and concerns, we offer not only exceptional services but also the foundations for a lasting connection.

  1. Loyalty is the engine that drives collaboration

In a world where loyalty is increasingly scarce, CX becomes the bridge that facilitates the construction of mutual loyalty.  When organizations become true advocates for their customers, customers in turn become fervent defenders of these same companies.  When this mutual loyalty extends beyond commercial transactions, communities are strengthened and collaboration – rather than competition – is fostered.

  1. Long-term loyalty bolsters sustainability

When we invest in creating exceptional experiences, we are building solid relationships that create long-term loyalty. This represents a solid and sustainable customer base, which diminishes the constant need to obtain new customers and ultimately reduces the associated expenses on resources and energy.

  1. Caring for customers can inspire positive changes in society

Companies that prioritize CX can also be a source of inspiration for driving positive change in society by adopting ethical business practices, promoting inclusion, and supporting social initiatives. These organizations can become role models and be recognized as promoters of change in their communities.

  1. Improving CX encourages sustainable innovation

Companies that wish to be top of mind for their consumers must constantly innovate, often obtaining solutions that are both more efficient and more sustainable. Investing in more sustainable technologies and processes is a direct consequence of a customer-centered strategy.

In short, we have an incredible opportunity to foster a healthier and more harmonious coexistence with our environment, under a new purpose: to promote progress in Latin America through technology.  With this objective in mind, CX becomes a powerful tool that reaches beyond commercial results. It’s a strength capable of contributing positively to the sustainability of the environments that our organizations are part of.

Finally, by embracing Customer Experience, we are charting a path towards an increasingly conscious, connected, and sustainable humankind.  We contribute to the creation of a better world based on well-defined environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG), aligned with our purpose and with the way we act as an organization.

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