While we experience a new business paradigm, it’s essential to identify tools that support smart ways of working and drive connectivity between teams to promote business growth.

Collaborative tools are critical to manage telecommuting or hybrid work models, offshore teams, and flexible working hours.

Digital transformation requires the implementation of corporate software solutions that allow companies to automate processes, save time, efforts, and improve their employees’ ability to work as a team.

Thanks to these platforms, companies can supervise their employees’ work even when they are spread around the world.

1- What can a collaborative tool do?

In the corporate environment, collaborative tools (CaaS) allow people to be productive and in constant communications from wherever they are, with whichever device they’re using (notebook, tablets, smartphone).

2- What types of collaborative tools exist?

Basically, they can be grouped into 3 branches: Unified Communications as a service, Contact Center as a service, Communications platform as a service.

3- Where can these collaborative tools be found?

Today they are already offered in the cloud; they are services that companies consume through a monthly subscription and within their solution are permanent updates, 24/7 online support, stability, and end-to-end security.

4- What are collaborative tools used for?

When we mention collaborative tools, we’re talking about the integration of voice and video call services, voicemail, messaging or chat, mailings, and mobility. This includes Online Conferences and Webinars.  

5- What is the importance of using collaborative working tools?

Collaboration is critical to people’s lives, to their progress and interaction within their environment. The best companies base themselves on seamless and efficient collaborative processes, with collaborative offices and spaces empowering their employees.

Collaborative tools are essential in our daily journeys in the office and it’s no longer possible to consider working without them.

Teamwork is essential in achieving business success and accomplishing this in a realm where digital transformation is the protagonist, communications and coordination between members must be maintained, from any place and device, in addition to strengthening their motivation with flexible work models.

This is all achievable if the company has a virtual work environment built with the appropriate collaborative tools, aligned to the company’s needs.

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